The untimely death of a relative or loved one can leave you with many unanswered questions. Among the main questions you may have is how your family is going to get by, especially if the deceased supported your family.

It’s not uncommon to seek answers in this situation. After all, there is no manual for responding to someone’s untimely passing. Fortunately, West Virginia has paved the way for families in your situation to receive compensation through wrongful death lawsuits. No, a court case won’t bring them back but receiving compensation for your bills can be vital for your family.

A few commonly asked wrongful death questions include:

  • What is a wrongful death? Someone who causes a death because of their negligence or wrongful act may cause a wrongful death.
  • Who may receive damages? Usually immediate family like siblings, children, parents but also anyone who was financially dependent on them.
  • What can you receive damages for? You can receive compensation for everything from sorrow and mental anguish, loss of income, and medical and funeral expenses.
  • How long do you have to file a wrongful death claim? You have two years from the death of the deceased to file your claim.

There is seldom a timely death but filing a wrongful death claim can make coping with the unexpected. Keep in mind that you only have two years to file a claim and potentially receive compensation for things like medical and funeral expenses, as well as pain and suffering. Don’t miss your chance to potentially ensure your family’s financial security.

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