If you experience a motor vehicle crash, you will likely have to adjust your expectations for the rest of your day. Forget about getting to work on time or making it to that client meeting. You will have to wait for law enforcement to arrive at the scene of the crash, arrange for a tow truck to come remove your vehicle a potentially seek medical evaluation to determine whether or not you got hurt.

Some people, in their eagerness to move on with their day after the disruption of an unexpected wreck, might decide to skip the medical evaluation if they don’t notice symptoms of a severe injury at the scene of the crash. Doing that can be a very serious mistake that impacts your health and your legal options in the future.

Some of the worst possible injuries may be invisible at first

Despite how dramatic injuries often seem in movies and on television, in the real world, car crash accidents often produce invisible injuries. Both traumatic brain injuries and severe internal bleeding may not be obvious right away.

It may be hours or even days before someone notices the consequences of their injury. In the case of internal bleeding, severe, untreated bleeding could result in death. In the case of brain injuries, the symptoms and the damage to the brain itself can get worse when someone doesn’t get treatment right away. The sooner you get evaluated for these invisible injuries, the better your prognosis will be.

If you don’t get a timely diagnosis, you hurt your chance for compensation

The longer you wait to see a doctor, the more difficult it will be to conclusively prove that your injuries were solely the result of the collision. Additionally, delays in treatment and diagnosis could worsen someone’s injuries or prognosis, leading to the potential for an attorney or insurance company to claim that you bear partial responsibility for the severity of your condition because you didn’t seek treatments soon enough.

While it may seem frustrating, particularly if you don’t have good medical insurance, it’s important to know that your medical costs will likely receive coverage through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit that you bring against the person who caused the crash. Instead of trying to save a few dollars now, it’s important to think about the big picture both financially and for your health.

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