“Slapping a patient on the buttocks is not legitimate medical treatment.”

This was the opinion of a local osteopath when asked to comment on the allegations against a West Virginia osteopath accused of sexually assaulting a patient.

These are some of the accusations made against the osteopath: inappropriate comments; inappropriate touching; removing clothing that did not need to be removed; rendering the patient unable to protect themselves. One patient made all those accusations.

Sexual abuse by medical professionals happens more than you would like to think. Thirty more people are accusing the same osteopath of sexual assault while under his care.

You do not go to the clinic for fun: You go because you need help. You trust the medical professional to be–professional. You trust them to meet the technical standards of their profession and the ethical standards of their profession.

Breaching technical standards could be classed as medical malpractice. Breaching ethical standards may be sexual assault. You need to be able to trust doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths and other medical workers. In what other situation do you walk alone into a room and do what someone tells you to do? When else do you agree to lie down, lift your shirt or take clothing off and replace it with a thin paper robe so a stranger can have access to your body?

The only way you can stop West Virginia medical professionals from sexually assaulting you and other people is to speak up if it happens. If you have suffered medical sexual abuse, you need an attorney who will do the in-depth research required to build a strong case. You need an attorney willing to take your abuser to trial and fight until justice is served.

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