If you lose your spouse due to a negligent driver, your life may never be the same. One driver’s negligent actions can cause your family unimaginable pain, and you may feel as if you will never achieve justice.

After your loss, no one can end your emotional pain. However, there are ways to ease your financial loss. A wrongful death claim may help; West Virginia law states that courts may award damages based on four main considerations:

1. Funeral expenses

Most funerals cost thousands of dollars. You may find yourself paying for numerous items including the casket, permits and death certificates, embalming and transportation of the body. Even simple cremation has costs.

2. Medical bills

It is likely that your spouse received medical care after the crash, which means you may be facing a mountain of medical bills. Expensive emergency services and trauma care are often necessary after car wrecks.

3. Loss of income

If your spouse was a breadwinner, it may be difficult to pay the household bills for years to come. You may need to replace the income your spouse would have earned.

4. Sorrow

You have lost your life partner. In addition to the practical matters, the mental anguish and emotional toll may seem unbearable. You may need grief counseling or other professional services as you mourn your loss. If you and your spouse have children, they may also need help dealing with their heartache. They will likely benefit from educational support and therapy during bereavement.

With a wrongful death claim, justice may be within reach. An award will not bring back your spouse, but you can know you did everything possible to provide for your family and make the situation right.

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